Friday & Saturday 17th & 18th May 2019 at the City Hall SALISBURY

Object of the show:

One needn't be an old-timer to collect old world collectibles!

This Show attracts a wide audience of visitors differing from those likely to attend regular stamp fairs.
We aim to select an wide variety of reputable dealers covering popular small collectable's in particular coins, postcards, and of course stamps.

The split of stands is approximately 15% Coins, 15% Postcards, and the balance being stamps, and possibly ephemera.


The City Hall is a secure venue. Stalls are in units of 6 foot tables with a maximum of 12 foot.

A backing table will be provided one per stall holder. It is our intention to provide a well balanced Hall to promote maximum collector interest.

The Hall is used frequently for exhibitions, and lighting is good for viewing selling stamps and coins.

Dealers present both buy and sell collectors items.